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Up Your Wellness Game During Quarantine

Although we are all navigating this challenging time in different ways, the only way any of us will thrive is to incorporate a healthy dose of self-care into our daily routines. As social distancing & quarantine have become our new normal, learning to preserve our own mental, emotional, and physical health are the best gifts we can offer ourselves.

Whether you have a regular wellness practice or you are new to the game, the ideas listed below will help you stay healthy & engaged during quarantine, and potentially have better days.

  • START A JOURNALING PRACTICE: Journaling can help to accelerate your ability to manifest goals, hasten a healing process, generate clarity, and clear your emotions. Journaling ingrains your learning, increases your gratitude, and unfolds the writer in you. For inspiration or ideas on what to journal about, visit this post.

  • LEARN HOW TO MAKE KALE CHIPS: If you’re anything like me, you’ve been craving *junk food* during this quarantine. For a healthy alternative to the bag of chips you may be digging in to more often then not, try this Salt & Vinegar Kale Chip recipe.

  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL THE FREE/DONATION-BASED VIRTUAL WORKOUTS BEING TAUGHT: Relaxing on the couch is great, but you may be getting restless by now. Make it a point to move your body during quarantine by following the instruction of one of the many fitness/yoga instructors who are offering free or donation-based virtual classes. Check out the comments of this IG post for a list of the many instructors offering online classes.

  • READ ONE (OR ALL) OF THESE BOOKS THAT WILL HELP YOU ENHANCE YOUR YOGA PRACTICE / WELLNESS GAME: If you share my same love of books and yoga, then this *free* downloadable reading list is for you.

  • CLEAN YOUR HOUSE WITH LAVENDER: Lavender is a gem when it comes to natural, non-toxic cleaning and it leaves behind a gorgeous, calming aroma. View this list of 8 recipes for cleaning with Lavender including a Carpet Freshener, a Linen Spray, and a Mattress Spray.

  • LEARN THE BENEFITS OF MEDITATION: De-stressing during this time is important. Meditation is refreshing and rejuvenating; it’s good for your health, enables you to better deal with stress, and helps you live in harmony with your world. Learn more about the Benefits Of Meditation and try your own Self-Guided Meditation.

  • INVEST IN ESSENTIAL OILS: Essential Oils have helped with my immune system, my mental state, they have offered clarity, grounding, relaxation, and they have made my house smell really, really good. With Essential Oils, I’ve been able to replace toxic cleaning products, skin care, and body care and most of it I DIY now. For $165, you can invest in a Premium Starter Kit with Young Living that includes my 12 favorite (and practical) Essential Oils, a diffuser, a non-toxic hand sanitizer, and other goodies. To get started with Essential Oils, visit this link. After you’ve received your Essential Oils, visit this link for several posts that will inspire you to start using your oils right away.

  • GET SOME HOUSE PLANTS: Studies have shown that house plants can help to boost your mood, decrease stress, increase productivity, and clean indoor air by absorbing toxins and increasing humidity. A few of my favorite houseplants that are easy to care for, require very little maintenance, and will thrive in low sunlight are Spider Plants, Snake Plants, and Pothos.

  • JOIN A CSA: CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture: it’s a farm in which individuals purchase a “crop share” for the growing season. During season, share members either visit the farm weekly and/or pick up their shares at a pre-determined location. Shareholders financially support their local farmer in advance to grow fresh vegetables for them in the growing season. Learn more about the CSA experience.

If you have any other ideas on how to Up Your Wellness Game during social distancing, drop them in the comments below. & If you have any questions about the content in this post, connect with me.

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