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Self-Guided Rose Quartz Meditation

Rose Quartz is a healing crystal that holds the vibration of love and is ideal for working with all matters of the heart. It offers healing at the heart center (the 4th Chakra) where traumatic memories and emotional wounds may be festering.

When you use Rose Quartz, you may feel that it provides a sense of inner peace and self-worth in matters pertaining to the heart or relationships. Rose Quartz also inspires the love of inner and outer beauty and stimulates the imagination – art, music and the written word.

Rose Quartz is a common meditation stone used by women. It aids in efforts to understand and foster loving relationships and to bring a gentle energy to one’s day.

Below, you will find a 10-15 minute meditation that you are welcome to record with your own voice and use to guide yourself.

When recording, take your time – use pauses and silences between the lines. Put your heart into your recording, imagine yourself guiding someone in a one-on-one personal meditation session.


Place a rose quartz crystal near you where you can reach for it a bit later.

Find a comfortable position and close your eyes. You can sit or lie down but ideally your back is straight.

Settle in to your surroundings and let the busy of your week, the process of arriving here, any tension you may be holding, allow it all to slip away. Allow yourself to relax and let my words become your thoughts.

Release any unwanted thoughts or tension by focusing on your breath.
As you breathe out, exhale any unwanted pressure or stress.
As the air leaves your lungs, it carries away any feelings of sadness, anger, or discomfort.
You may want to let out some loud sighs.
Give yourself permission to simply let go.

Now that you are feeling more relaxed, focus on your inhalations.
Focus on how you truly want to feel.
As you breathe in, fill your body with wanted energies.
Visualize this energy as a vibrant pink color.
See pink light flowing into your lungs and filling up your entire torso –
Visualize this pink light traveling down your legs…. your thighs…. your knees…. calves… and down to your toes. Allow this pink light to whisk away any tightness in your muscles.

Now send the pink light down your arms… your shoulders… over your elbows… your forearms… your hands… your fingers…. Your thumbs. Allow your arms to feel light and at ease. Feel totally relaxed.

Allow the pink light to move through your neck…. your head… and your face. As the pink light spreads, it soaks up any tension. Allow your face and head to feel totally relaxed and weightless.

This pink light leaves you feeling nurtured and loved. Keep sending the pink light all around your body…. relax…. breathe…. move towards bliss and harmony. Allow yourself to feel safe and nurtured.

Pick up your rose quartz and hold it in your hand. Take some time to simply sit with your rose quartz and connect with it. You may feel some form of energy from your crystal or perhaps your body may feel different. Have faith that your rose quartz is working with you to strengthen love, friendships, and inner-peace. Just relax, allow, and most importantly, don’t rush.

Start to fill your crystal with your desires.

Keep attuning your rose quartz to your desires.

Now Hold your rose quartz to your heart, and press it firmly on your chest so you can feel your heart beating. Allow your rose quartz to align with your heart.
You and your rose quartz are now connected.

Do you have any questions for your rose quartz. Ask these questions and allow the answers to come. You may hear the answers in your mind, you may see an image. Or the answers may come to you as you throughout the weekend.

Maybe your crystal has a message for you. Maybe it has guidance on what needs to be done to bring more joy & positivity into your life.
What actions you need to take? Listen and let your rose quartz whisper to you now.

The more you work with your rose quartz, the more your bond with it will strengthen and so will your feelings of peace.

Relax your arms and hands but keep your rose quartz close to your heart.

Allow yourself to feel gratitude, to know what gratitude feels like.
Sensing these warm feelings, start to send that gratitude out to your friends and family.

Now send some love back to our beautiful Earth – She has gifted you with this beautiful rose quartz to work with and for that, give her thanks.

It is now time to return to an awakened state, knowing love awaits you.
Focus again on your breathing. Take a breath in, filling 1/3 of your lungs and exhale.
And again this time filling 2/3 of your lungs.. exhale.
Finally take a huge inhalation filling your entire body with fresh air and as you exhale, open your eyes, keeping them soft.

You are perfectly calm and perfectly happy.

When you are ready, gently allow yourself to come up to a seated position if you are not there already.

Take a deep, energizing breath for yourself.
Take another deep, energizing breath for your loved ones.

Bring your hands to a prayer position at heart center.


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