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Roller Bottle Recipes (using your Young Living Premium Starter Kit oils)

As you get started with Essential Oils, you’ll begin to appreciate and cherish glass roller bottles – they are the most sufficient way to dilute your oils to make them last longer,  most essential oils are most safe for the skin when diluted, and roller bottles make it easiest to apply essential oils to your skin.

Essential Oils only work if you have them when you need them which is why I carry several customized Roller Bottles with me everywhere I go. For instance, I like to have the Energy Blend with me during the work day, I like to have the Sound Asleep blend with me when I’m at a hotel or an AirBnb, and I like to have the Upset Belly bottle with me when I’m having an indulgent dinner with friends. If I’m sick, I carry the Breathe Roller, and if everyone around me is sick, I have my Immunity Blend.

Essential Oil Roller Bottles are super simple to prepare and even easier to use. You can purchase roller bottles on Amazon, at natural grocery stores, or through my Etsy Shop. You may want to invest in a small funnel and a roller bottle key to help you in preparation as well.

In a 10mL bottle, I like to add 20-30 drops of Essential Oils and fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil. A few carrier oils I like to use are jojoba oil, fractioned coconut oil, or Young Living’s V6 oil. I’m always careful not to overfill my roller bottles – I like some room to “shake” the bottle to blend the oils together.

To get the most benefit out of your essential oils Premium Starter Kit, I suggest you make some roller bottles ASAP. Here are a few recipes to get you started:


  • SOUND ASLEEP:  15 drops Lavender + 15 drops Stress Away
  • BE HAPPY: 15 drops Peace & Calming + 15 drops Citrus Fresh
  • HEADACHE RELIEF: 15 drops Peppermint + 15 drops Lavender
  • ENERGY: 15 drops Peppermint + 15 drops Citrus Fresh
  • BREATHE: 15 drops Peppermint + 15 drops Raven
  • ANXIETY RELIEF: 10 drops Citrus Fresh + 10 drops Frankincense + 10 drops Valor
  • GROUNDING: 15 drops Lemon + 15 drops Frankincense
  • IMMUNITY: 15 drops Thieves + 5 drops Peppermint + 5 drops Lemon + 5 drops Frankincense
  • COURAGE: 15 drops Valor + 15 drops Stress Away
  • STRESS AWAY: 30 drops Stress Away
  • CALM & CONFIDENT: 15 drops Valor + 15 drops Peace & Calming
  • SORE MUSCLES: add roller fitment (included in PSK) to Panaway
  • UPSET BELLY: add roller fitment (included in PSK) to DiGize

My favorite places to apply oils via a roller bottle are on the bottoms of my feet, on my neck, behind my ears, on my wrists, temples, chest, spine/back and on my belly.

*NOTED: Chances are, your friends & family will be curious about your new obsession with essential oils – gifting customized roller blends is a fun & inexpensive way to introduce them to essential oils.

All of the oils used in these recipes are included in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit with a diffuser, and some other free goodies. If you have yet to do so, click here to purchase your Premium Starter Kit or send me a note if you have questions.

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